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for Lenders, Brokers and HECM Counselors

Ibis has been providing reverse mortgage software and consulting services since 1995. Ibis software has been used by many industry leaders in the past decade and we have a loyal customer base. We invite you to explore and use our reverse mortgage software for your business.

Platform Features

Robust, Web-based Platform

Ibis software is web-based. This means there is no software to download on your PC. Plus, you can run Ibis software from any computer that has a web browser. And, all software updates are managed by Ibis. So, the software is always up-to-date and meets all HUD and other regulatory requirements.

Supports Retail & Wholesale Channels

Thanks to our flexible organization hierarchy, you can use Ibis software for retail and wholesale business channels simultaneously. Internally, Ibis maintains a clear separation between retail and wholesale loans grouped by each user entering the loan in the system.

Fast & Scalable with Over 99.99% Uptime

Ibis software is hosted on dedicated, powerful servers that can handle thousands of simultaneous requests. As a result, all users benefit from the quick, responsive experience. Because our servers are managed by a reputed, national datacenter, there is almost no downtime and our software runs consistently throughout the day.

All-In-One & Easy

Lenders love the fact that they have to work with just one software to generate Quick Quote, complete Applications, Process, Underwrite & Close loans. It makes training and support so much easier. Proposals and loan documents are seamless.

Flexible & Affordable Pricing

When your loan volume is low, the cost of Ibis software is also low. As your loan volume grows, the cost also grows but only asymptotically. This keeps Ibis software affordable at all levels of your business. Besides, we require only 60-day cancellation notice!


All of our servers are situated behind a high-end firewall. Our servers are monitored 24/7 for any outages. Communication over the network is encrypted via SSL. Databases are backed up regularly.

Extensible via Web Services

Do you have a CRM or a lead generation system? No problem. Your CRM system can call our web services to push client data electronically into Ibis software. You are ready to create a loan application instantly. Our flagship reverse mortgage calculator is also available as a web service.

What Our Clients Say

"Ibis was able to customize its software to allow flexible pricing controls." ... Paul Madson

"Our loan officers, processors and closers love how easy it is to use." ... Jane Harrington


Origination Platform (RMO)

Ibis Reverse Mortgage Originator (RMO) is designed for lenders -- you can take applications, process, underwrite and close loans, compare products side-by-side, control pricing parameters, generate application and closing documents, manage clients and prospects, administer user accounts and access.

Consumer Calculator (RMC)

This Ibis Reverse Mortgage Calculator (RMC) is quite universal and allows consumers to compare any type of reverse mortgage. The Ibis online calculators receive 30,000 visitors each month. It is used on the consumer websites of the NRMLA and several major lenders.

HECM Counseling (RMA)

Ibis Reverse Mortgage Analyst (RMA) was the first software to match the AARP Foundation’s "Model Specifications". RMA is designed for HUD-approved counselors. RMA can compare any proprietary loan to various HECM alternatives. Ibis RMA follows the 2010 HUD HECM Counseling Protocol.


Ibis can help you design, stress test, and offer new unique jumbo products. We have lots of data on actual loans and have created sophisticated simulation models that can help you design innovative jumbo products and offer them to your brokers and correspondents through Ibis Software. Ibis has assisted several lenders and investors design and deploy jumbo products.

Financial Planner (WM)

There is a growing sentiment that reverse mortgages can play a vital role in financial planning as well. To illustrate the validity of this claim quantitatively, Ibis conducted a thorough analysis and published its findings in the Journal of Financial Planning (Dec 2013 | Vol 26 | No 12). Based on its findings, Ibis has developed a financial planner module that uses advanced Monte Carlo simulations to show the benefits of using a reverse mortgage as a portfolio withdrawal supplement. This module is integrated in our origination software and can be easily used by financial planners and loan offiers to illustrate this added benefit to the borrower. Financial planners at a renowned bank are thrilled to use this integrated module. To learn more, please call us.

Counselor Locator (RML)

Ibis has the most up-to-date, HUD-compliant HECM counselor locator. This locator is available for consumption as a web service. If you are interested in using this locator to produce a HUD-compliant HECM counselor list, please contact us.


Ibis Software has been the standard of the reverse mortgage industry since 1995. Ibis licenses online reverse mortgage software products and provides consulting services to major lenders, AARP, HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and banks and credit unions. Our loan origination system (LOS) has been used to close thousands of traditional and jumbo HECMs. Our reverse mortgage calculators are embedded in a number of consumer web sites including NRMLA. Our counselor lookup web service provides HUD-compliant counselor lists by zip code. Our reverse mortgage counseling software is used by hundreds of HECM counselors across the country. Ibis has been also providing consulting services and guidance to numerous lenders and government agencies. Ibis holds several patents in mortgage and financial planning fields. Our software and services are built on a solid, scalable and secure technology platform. We are strongly committed to the reverse mortgage industry by providing quality and compliant software, services and support.

Our Core Team

Jerry Wagner


Received Ph.D. and Masters in Business Economics from Harvard Business School with concentrations in Investments and Corporate Finance. Jerry is very highly regarded in the reverse mortgage industry since its inception in 1989.

Ashok Shinde


Highly accomplished technology professional who is passionate about creating software solutions.

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